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10 Diamond Rings To Pick From When You Pop The Question

10 Diamond Rings To Pick From When You Pop The Question

It’s time; you’ve finally made the big decision of proposing to your significant other! This is one of the most important events of one’s life and there’s no doubt you want every detail to be absolutely perfect. The buildup, the words, your outfit, the moment, and now all that there’s left to decide is the ring. The ring is the main attraction of a proposal which is why you have to make sure it’s perfect and completely personalized to your loved one’s preferences. We’ve picked out a list of 10 diamond rings, all from My Diamond’s exclusive handcrafted collection, to pick from if you want to sweep your girl right off your feet.

#1 Classic Pear Cut:

Classic Pear Cut

Diamond Cluster Ring

There’s absolutely no way you can go wrong with a pear cut diamond ring. It’s classic; it’s timeless; it’s versatile. There are very few people who don’t like pear cut diamonds so it’s safe to say that this ring is sure to dazzle just about anyone. The white gold matches the cool toned glimmer of the large diamond perfectly, which itself is adorned by small diamonds all around. If your partner prefers timeless designs with a regal look, then this ring is for them.

#2 5-Stone Set:

5-Stone Set

5 Stone Diamond Ring

While the pear cut was a classic 50s design that’s still beloved today, we’ll move on to a more modish design. This geometric white gold ring features a set of 5 sparkling diamonds, for those that think one’s simply not enough. Well, we couldn’t agree more! This 5 stone diamond ring is ideal for the partner who prefers something with a more futuristic and contemporary finish that stands out in the crowd.

#3 Regal Beauty:

Regal Beauty

Diamond Pastel Set Ring

We have another wonderful pick for those that prefer a royal and noble sophistication in their engagement ring. After all, it’s a celebration of one of the most important events of your life; it should be regal! This white gold ring has a myriad of diamonds set in it. Aside from the main attraction which is the brilliant cut diamond, the swirling pattern features small diamonds throughout the band. This design is extremely intricate and ideal for anyone who has sophistication as their top priority.

#4 Timeless Solitaire Set:

Timeless Solitaire Set

Diamond Solitaire Ring

On the other hand, we’ve got the ideal ring for anyone that prefers a more simple and traditional design. There’s truly no way to go wrong with this solitaire ring; it’s simple, straightforward, and classic. The18k white gold band is smooth and free of embellishments, making sure all the attention remains on the brilliant cut diamond, which is the true statement of the piece. This ring says, “Let’s do things the traditional way and let this simply beautiful ring represent our love.”

#5 Yellow and White Gold Combo:

Yellow and White Gold Combo

Diamond Ring

Is your partner not one to prefer cool toned jewelry? Well, don’t worry because we’ve got just the right amount of warmth in this yellow and white gold diamond ring for your special someone. The warm tone sophistication of the yellow gold complements the cool toned sparkle of the brilliant cut diamond perfectly. This ring, too, is a traditional statement that is sure to dazzle your partner when you pop the question.

#6 7-Stone Band:

7-Stone Band

Diamond Wedding Ring

If you’re looking for more of a wedding band than a wedding ring, this might just be your dream ring. It’s glamorous without being too over the top while its set of 7 diamonds attracts just the right amount of attention. The best part about this white gold wedding band is that it’s unisex. If your partner prefers something simple with a small touch of glam, then this ring might just bring a glimmer to their eye.

#7 Clustered Oval Cut:

Clustered Oval Cut

Diamond Oval Cluster Ring

This is another classic design that was popular in the 50s but stays beloved today by those that have an eye for traditional and timeless fashion. The white gold band sets the mood for a cool-toned sophistication while the main attraction is the oval cut diamond that has a jaw-dropping sparkle that anyone could fall for. Plus, the oval cut diamond is surrounded by a cluster of smaller diamonds to make a statement that is the epitome of class and glamour.

#8 Floral Arrangements:

Floral Arrangements

7 Stone Diamond Cluster Ring

Moving onto something more unique and heartfelt, this floral white gold ring will help you out when you want to make a statement. The feminine design will appeal to your partner indefinitely and complement any outfit they plan to wear; you can count on this ring to never go out of style. The 18k white gold band features 7 brilliant cut diamonds set in a floral arrangement to create a delicate and feminine look.

#9 Modern Statement:

Modern Statement

Diamond Round Cluster Ring

This is another great pick for those that are going the modern route when it comes to engagement rings. This design is one of a kind and will surely grab your partner’s attention. The unisex aura of the ring makes it all the more perfect while the modish design helps them make the statement they want. The 18k white gold band features 11 diamonds in a straight alignment for a simple and bold touch that we don’t often see in engagement rings.

#10 Classic Square Cut:

Classic Square Cut

Diamond Cluster Ring

Last but not least, there’s the no better option to turn to when all else fails than a classic princess cut diamond ring made of pure white gold. The appearance of this ring is enough to make you want to buy it instantly, but we’ll tell you a little more. The princess cut diamond is surrounded by a cluster of smaller diamonds to keep the glimmer constant while the small diamonds on the ring raise the charm even more. It’s an undeniable classic!

Now that you know exactly which diamond ring you’ll be using to dazzle your significant other and make them your partner for life, all you have to do is work up the courage to pop the big question and change your life! Head on over to to shop your partner’s dream engagement and make them the happiest person in the world.

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