15 Elegance Guaranteed Ways of Styling A Brooch

Whether it is the MET Gala, Vanity Fair, a Royal Family gathering, or a mega corporate event there is one fancy common denominator – the age-old statement making ‘ornament’ or ‘brooch’ as we know it today. The eccentric yet elegant craftsmanship put to work often leaves one in awe of the wonders it creates in something as small as a brooch. Even though brooches are considered by masses an overused accessory of the past; an ancient artifact that had evolved over time, however, contrary to popular opinion brooches have been an accessory loved and adored through the layers of time.

History stands witness to the boundless number of brooch collectors that have lived through time. From Royals such as Queen Elizabeth II who is considered the gatekeeper of an extraordinary collection of precious brooches, to the more recent Duchess of Cambridge who has been in news for her iconic collection of shimmery crystal floral brooches. Perceived as a statement piece, an open declaration of one’s class and stature, and sometimes used creatively to declare political allegiances; brooches are making a raging comeback yet again this year.

If you have been in search of an inspiration to don a brooch that has been handed down to you by your grandmother or is actively looking for a fashionable yet elegant brooch to flaunt at the next big family gathering then keep reading.

Decorate Your Jacket

Traditionally brooches have been used more commonly on the upper bodice of the coat or a jacket. Placed in the center on either the right or left side of the bodice between the shoulder and jacket opening to garner just the right amount of attention to one’s attire. If you have some bulky and heavy metal made brooches, then perhaps it is a good idea to try them on jackets and coats first before pinning them on a dress. The rule is simple, the sturdier the cloth the more likely your brooch is going to stand a chance to stay in its place.

Moreover, you can use the brooch to add the ‘oomph factor to your boring denim jackets as well. Pick up funky pieces that adhere to the pop-culture and make the most out of whatever you have at home. Brooches are known for their exclusivity in renewing a boring piece that might be stuck to the wall of your closet because it didn’t appeal to you.

Spice up That Boring Clutch Bag

Think out of the box. Think about going to an event that requires you to look all dolled up in sparkly gowns and iridescent accessories, while you can go out and purchase a new clutch or you can revamp an old one by clipping up a cute little brooch.

A Constellation of Brooches to Stand Out

Brooches come in all shapes and sizes, while you can only add a single big brooch to your dress, however, with small ones you can be as creative as you like. Add more than 2 brooches to your dress, coat, or jacket to make a statement.

Embellish your Victorian Hat

Channel your inner Great Gatsby vibes by adding a brooch to the front or side of your      Victorian hat as you head out on a breezy summer evening to meet your friends.

Add To the Waistline

If you are someone who likes to keep at a minimum when accessorizing, then perhaps you can try substituting a brooch for a full-fledged belt. Not only will it serve the purpose but will also save your dress from scrunching up as it would do under a belt.

Wear it at the Back

Going to a black-tie event and do not know how to leave a lasting impression? Wear a dress with a deep back neckline and then add a glitzy brooch at the back by clenching together the back straps in such a way that it turns into a cascade. We can guarantee you that people will surely notice this unconventional method of design, and you will be called on over by the people of interest – so be prepared for all the attention you are about to get.

Make it a Part of Your Choker

Versatility is synonymous to a brooch, or at least it should be in our opinion because there are so many ways in which you can use a brooch to create a whole new accessory. Add a brooch to a string of pearl choker to instantly renew it.

Use It As A Replacement For Gaudy Oversize Clothes

You can use a brooch to create a waistline or define one when wearing oversized dresses. Simply scrunch up the extra fabric and pin it together to form pleats and define your waistline.

Glam Up Your Denim

Want to try something different without leaving the comfort of your denim? Glam up the  denim by simply adding a couple of small brooches to your denim. You can pick up brooches made of crystal or the more in-fashion enamel brooches.

Bling It on The Gloves

For all the daddy’s princess out there, bring out those silk gloves and add the small Swarovski brooch to fasten the ends.

Make An All-New Necklace

You can now create a choker necklace by adding a brooch to a small scarf and fasten it around your neck to create a vintage inspired look of the 80s.

No More Boring Sweater Weather

Fed up with wearing the same old sweaters? Embellish your sweater with crystal brooches so that you can style them with your formal attires.

How About An Amazing Brooch Hair Clip

Ever thought you could use a brooch as a hair clip? No? Well, now you have an idea that you can – All you have to do is add a brooch pin to your clip and have yourself a DIY-ed hair clip.

Grace That Lapel Up

The most convenient way to wear the brooch is on the label. It is visible and centers all the attention at one point making the wearer look taller and thinner.

Style A Sassy Scarf

Add instant sass and grace to your overall look by attaching a pin brooch at the end of your scarf. Adding an ornate brooch can help in setting the overall tone of solid color scarves, whereas a simple pearl brooch would go well with floral and plaid scarves.

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