7 Jewelry Pieces that you should own by 40

Undoubtedly, jewelry is something every females, males and non-binary individuals use to express their respective individualistic preferences. It is, if anything, a possession that is cherished by all. It is, to say the least unanimously agreed weapon of slaying with style.

However, over time as we age our choices and preferences evolve too. What had initially started with candy necklaces and bracelets soon turns into fine elegant diamond pendants and tennis bracelets with blinding diamonds. It is all a matter of time; we mature, and so does our taste. In an ode to the lived and experienced times that led up to 4 decades of your life we have compiled an extensive list of essential jewelry items that you must own by the time you are 40.

Hoop Earrings

Even though they are up to the minute trend in this season, hoop earrings are basically a classic. They can never run out of fashion, no matter what the fashion critiques have to say, hoop earrings are a staple for women this age.

Easy to wear and pair, hoop earrings are an essential every woman must have in her jewelry collection. Pictured below are hoop earrings that are available at the David Blackman’s store called My Diamond. As you might have noticed these are probably the most up to date pair of hoops that you might have seen over the internet, because every piece curated at the My Diamond store is hand made and bespoke. Hence owning a bespoke piece will ultimately increase the chances of yours standing out in the crowd.

Statement Necklace

Statement necklaces on the other hand are actually rather flippant in nature. They go in and out of fashion all the time. However, just to be on the safe side you must acquire one as it provides great coverage for neckline without much hassle. Moreover, it can uplift any basic outfit almost instantly.

It is an asset you will thank yourself later for. So, whenever you are unable to decide as to how you should uplift your overall look, you will often find your hand reaching to a statement necklace especially for adorning low neckline and making your way through a dressier party.

Diamond Tennis Bracelet

You are 40, which means you have lived through 40 springs of your life – it is probably time that you treated yourself with something expensive, yet something worthwhile such as a tennis bracelet.

Tennis bracelets are graceful, and traditionally worn at weddings and special occasions – however, with the current pandemic at full swing it is advised that you live everyday as if it was your last. Every single day when you feel healthy, wealthy and wise – make sure to do a little something for yourself which includes wearing your favorite clothes and adding the much needed bling using this tennis bracelet which is available at the My Diamond store by David Blackman.

Intricate Necklace

Finding a dainty necklace is a hard task because the big chunky and coarse necklaces are readily available in flee markets. To get your hands on a bespoke handmade necklace that too made out of precious diamonds which are carefully picked and put together is a task that requires both effort and time.

However, if you have the budget and can afford the pieces which can make any woman swoon over the masterful craftsmanship then you must check out the pendant collection of My Diamond. Each piece is handmade and can complement any wardrobe be it eastern or western.

A Precious Ring

See it as an investment in the asset which you can sell out for another upgrade. Investing your hard-earned cash into buying a precious diamond ring is the wisest choice of all. Diamonds don’t lose their worth, they are as they say a girl’s best friend – so a best friend would stand by your side no matter what, so would a diamond.

Get yourself a ring that you can wear to your workplace without looking all desperate for attention, and still have a favorite piece right up your finger. You can make a choice between the plethora of designs and cuts available now. From chunky ones to the dainty ones, you can opt for the one which is approved both by your pocket and personal likeness.

Pearl and diamond studs

Pearls next to diamonds or the other way round are a love affair we can’t resist. They are the perfect accessory to pair with date night gowns and wedding dresses. Not only that, but these studs are quite handy even while one is travelling due to their ease of complimenting every outfit you wear.

Whether it is a print or a solid fabric, your pearl and diamond earrings would look just as beautiful with either. You can wear them everyday if you like due to their portability, or you can flaunt wear them for a business meeting to show off your stature – that is a choice you are free to make. No one wants cheap earrings in their ear everyday especially when they can definitely afford to wear the elegant ones.

Statement Earrings

Keen on having everyone talk about you and your impeccable dressing sense? If yes, then you need to acquire a range of statement earrings for yourself. They are heirloom quality pieces which can be paired with any dress to add the quintessential hint of glamour.

40 is an age at which you feel like settling in your comfort zone, but most people shun of the idea of change. They shiver even at the thought of having to change something in their daily routine, but change is beautiful and eminent. One way or the other, it finds a way to squeeze into one’s life with or without permission, so while you can embrace it with arms wide open do it. Live a little for yourself. Take that much needed vacation. Go on an impulsive shopping spree and treat yourself because you have earned it!


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