Handmade Bespoke Diamond Jewelry Sets You A Class Apart

“Big girls need big diamonds.” — Elizabeth Taylor

Nothing speaks class and elegance like a set of enchanting diamond jewelry sets. Whether you wear your glimmering diamonds to a wedding ceremony, a party, or even a business meeting, they will elevate your look in no time. Most of the time, women end up investing in diamond jewelry sets that can only be worn on specific occasions, which results in them sitting in a safe space while they catch dust. It is better to invest in simple yet elegant sets that can work on different occasions in various styles.

Are you looking for bespoke diamond jewelry sets that will not only be the perfect addition to our jewelry collection but will earn your tons of compliments? Well, we have hand-picked some of the best diamond jewelry sets that will upgrade your look instantly. Here’s what you need to try out.

#1 Key to Your Heart:



This beautiful key pendant, made of 18k White Gold encrusted with Brilliant Cut Diamonds is what you need to have for adding a quick touch of glam to your outfit. Since the key shape is a statement on its own, you can pair it with classy diamond studs. These 18k White Gold Princess Cut Diamond Solitaire Stud Earrings will go perfectly well with the key pendant. This set is ideal for daily wear, work wear, and semi-formal events.

#2 Fly to Your Heart:



If you want to gift your partner a heart-touching gift, then what’s better than a heart-shaped pendant? This elegant 18k Gold Diamond Open Heart Pendant On Chain will bring a smile to your woman’s face. The brilliant-cut diamonds on the pendant give the locket a sophisticated appeal. This locket can be paired with these classy 18k White Gold Brilliant Cut Diamond Cluster Hoop Earrings to complete the look.

#3 Deep Sapphire:



Sapphires are a symbol of regality and elegance. This beautiful 18k White Gold Pear Shape Sapphire & Brilliant Cut Diamond Cluster Pendant On Chain will add that touch of royalty to your overall look. The deep blue hue of the stone goes well with a lot of different outfits. Pair it with 18k White Gold Pear Shape Sapphire & Brilliant Cut Diamond Cluster Stud Earrings to complete the look. This diamond and sapphire set is ideal for both formal and semi-formal events.


#4 Fleur De Lys:



The motif Fleur De Lys is a representation of royal families and elegance. This regal 18k White Gold Brilliant Cut Diamond Fleur De Lys Pendant On Chain is a statement piece on its own. It is a great addition to any girl’s jewelry collection that has a taste for royal accessories. Wear it with 18k White Gold Brilliant Cut Diamond Pastel Set Stud Earrings to steal the show with your sophisticated style.

#5 A Blend Of Golds:



Most diamond jewelry is available in yellow and white gold. However, this pendant features red, yellow, and white gold all in one place. The gold rings are encrusted with 0.66cts diamonds. The unique look of this locket will earn you a ton of compliments. As the necklace has such an eye-catching design that it is best to pair it with simple stud earrings like these 18k Yellow & White Gold Diamond Bezel Set Stud Earrings.

#6 Royal Rubies:



Ruby represents passion, purity, and nobility. This 18k Yellow Gold Ruby & Diamond Horseshoe Pendant On Chain represents these expressions perfectly.  The horseshoe shape of the pendant adds a unique touch to the necklace. Pair it with 18k White Gold Oval Ruby & Brilliant Cut Diamond Cluster Stud Earrings to add the finishing touch. You can wear this glamorous diamond set to weddings, parties, and other formal celebrations.

#7 Rare Black Pearl:



Black pearls are quite rare, which is exactly the reason to have one in your collection. Having such a rare pearl on your necklace will represent your exquisite taste in accessories. This 18k White Gold Black Pearl & Brilliant Cut Diamond Cluster Pendant On Chain looks unique because of the combination of black pearl and brilliant-cut diamonds. Want to contrast your black pearls with something light? Go for these 18k Yellow And White Gold Pearl & Brilliant Cut Diamond Cluster Stud Earrings to finish off your look. This piece will definitely be a conversation starter among your friends, we bet!

#8 Contemporary Twist:



If you have a good collection of traditional diamond jewelry sets, then this one will definitely be the one that will make you stand out. This 18k Yellow & White Gold 20 Stone Brilliant Cut Diamond Necklace is a must-have for every woman with a taste for modern fashion. You can pair it with a variety of earrings like these 9k Yellow & White Gold Brilliant Cut Diamond Hoop Earrings.

#9 A Simple Cross:



No, Cross jewelry is not only for the Goths. Anyone can wear it and look stylish. This 18k White Gold Brilliant Cut Diamond Cross Pendant On Chain is perfect for every jewelry item that you need to have. You can wear it anywhere and on every occasion. The brilliant-cut diamonds on this pendant adds a beautiful glimmer to the locket. These 18k White Gold Brilliant Cut Diamond Bar Stud Earrings are the best option to pair the cross locket with.

#10 Amethyst Drop:



You can never really go wrong with Amethyst jewelry. It adds a beautiful yet mysterious look to your overall appearance. This 18k White Gold Amethyst & Brilliant Cut Diamond Drop Pendant On Chain pairs perfectly well with these 18k White Gold Amethyst & Brilliant Cut Diamond Drop Earrings. Wear these on a night out and you will be making all the jaws drop.

With these bespoke diamond sets in your jewelry collection, you can dress up any outfit with elegance. These sets are not handmade with love, but also feature the most premium quality material. So, which one have you decided to add to your jewelry collection?


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