The Art of Stacking Rings

‘Why settle for a ring when you can wear too many together?’

Creating a ring stack is an art, an art that needs to be mastered first before one tries to delve deep into unchartered territory. It can easily turn into a gaudy show of distasteful pieces put together to make it look rather appalling. Thereby, take the disclaimer seriously before your leap of faith. Make a mental note of what you are aiming to achieve as you read ahead.

Before getting into the ‘how-to’, we would like for you to know the ‘what’ of the art of stacking rings. A ring stack is a set of multiple rings worn in a group. This can often include an engagement ring and wedding band combined along with other rings. Bands are added per the liking of the wearer, who might add a band of either a special occasion or per their experienced state of effect.

A ring stack can be used as a reminder of all the times you have been by each other’s side, through thick and thin. Each band in the nest could represent a memorable event such as the birth of a child, or the day your husband proposed, perhaps a new job, or any other milestone that can be commemorated. Moreover, a ring stack doesn’t necessarily have to stand for something – or you have to wait for something to happen to make a big deal out of it – as someone who likes experimenting with rings, one can simply stack rings as a means of expressing themselves. Mixing stones and metals, such as if you are tired of wearing the classic golds you can always mix and match-colored stones to add a hint of color.

How You Can Begin Your Journey to Stacking Rings

When you are planning to start stacking your rings, you need to be mindful of a few things. Firstly, the shape of your engagement ring is of utmost importance. Depending upon the shape of your engagement ring i.e. is it round, cushion, princess, or marquise one can determine the band that would sit well around it. The shape of the engagement ring brings us to the next step which is the size – some engagement rings have huge stones while others might not, so before you jump onto the bandwagon of making your stack of rings make sure that you have completed the prerequisites for the journey beforehand. To give you a clear picture of what is it that we are talking about, consider this example –  If you have a wedding ring or an engagement ring in the shape of a marquise stone, you must consider at this point that it would only look good when paired with a band that doesn’t carry off its unique and beautiful design. Something pointy, and triangular would allow for the wedding ring or engagement ring to stand out while the same would not be true if you pair it with a simple band. Hence, stacking is the art of making conscious choices.

Now, that you are fully aware of the purpose of stacking rings the next step is to help you understand how you must do it step by step.

How many are too many?

The simple answer is – the more the merrier. However, you should make it a point to only include rings that complement each other. Start with three, and then you can build up until you reach a point where the bands just start to look tacky. Most people are partial towards building up until they have achieved an odd number, but we suggest that you build up to the point where you have enough room between your fingers and can move them with ease.

Can you mix and Match?

Yes! You can mix stones and metals all along with the stack. Mixing metals and stones just tells the onlookers about your varying taste and choice in color.  It adds the much needed liberty from the conventional colors such as golds and silvers. It adds personality that is relayed through each conscious decision made to add a different colored band in the stack. It is also about wearing rings that make you happy, so if you want to pair an heirloom piece with a ring that you like you shall go for it without an eye!

Is there a formula for the perfect fit?

No! There isn’t just one formula for curating the perfect mix. If you want to mix colors and textures, that is totally up to you. If you want to pick a single metal, and mix silhouettes then that is again a good choice. Mixing metals and stones is a unanimously agreed way of expressing one’s individuality. You can layer different styles in a matching metal, or you can play with bands with studded stones to add a hint of color. In all honesty, don’t overthink the little things, just go with your gut and try the mix in person to fully evaluate your decision. When you will play with shapes, sizes, stones, and everything else you will understand which one does the trick for you.

As A Bride-To-Be, Is There Anything That I Should Particularly Look For?

You should consider selecting an engagement ring and wedding that complement each other. When selecting the two you must do your research before going out to the shops.

How should I Shop for A stack?

It is all about finding the options that work for you. Before going out, and diving headfirst into the deep sea of jewelry options you should narrow down your choices. As far as the stacking options are concerned, you never know which rings could work together. You need to experience it all firsthand to find the perfect fit. Also, don’t feel overwhelmed by the choices you have and the pressure of selecting all the bands in one go. It takes time. So, take a deep breath and head out.

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