The Perfect Silver Jubilee Anniversary Gift for Your Wife!

Since you are already here, and by the looks of it – it seems that you have got something cooking up in that brain of yours however you are still in the search of something special and exciting. And why shouldn’t you?! It is your 25th marriage anniversary! Undoubtedly a memorable event that deserves celebration – and that too a grand one. Afterall, you have championed the art of saying ‘yes’ to all her ‘ do what you want to do!’ Jests aside, you and your wife have made it thus far only because both of you have tried to give as much as you could to make the marriage work. So, to help you setup the perfect gift for your wife we would like to extend our helping hand in the form of this guide. We hope that by the end of this gift guide you have found the ‘one’ for your ‘sweet honey pie’!.

A Diamond Bracelet:

On your wedding day, you both took vows to never leave each other’s side, come rain or sunshine  (brownie points to you if you were more creative than that). Now that you have been by each other’s side for 25 years it means that you both have stood by the promise. Honor your counterpart on a delightful evening of your anniversary as you slide down a sparling diamond bracelet on their wrist.

Diamond bracelet at first might sound like too much, but for all its worth – it is nothing but a token of appreciation, memorabilia, and a memento of reveling your time together. Make all the efforts count as you have build up to 25 years together, and what better way to do so than selecting an 18K white gold bracelet with diamonds. Made out of sheer love for luxury gifts, and elegance personified this beautiful handmade diamond bracelet would make your loved one feel appreciated and cherished.

If you are not a fan of the wide spaced diamonds setting, then perhaps opt for simpler ones such as the classic tennis bracelet – however, that would be on the costlier side.

A Diamond Ring in Addition to the Wedding Band

You sure paid a lot of attention when you were selecting the ‘perfect’ ring for your better half as you proposed to her on one knee, it was a single-handed decision. But, when it came down to selecting the wedding ring you both, as a couple, joined forces to scour through jewelers to select the wedding band which would complement your engagement ring. This is the third phase of your journey as a couple. A journey that you both have laughed and cried through; a journey that is worth mentioning to your grandchildren. A journey worth a thousand words to be told and retold for all times to become, and especially now when the times are hard and you are separated from your family by distance due to covid restrictions.

Bouncing back to the present, let us help you reminisce memories and good times as you sit down with your better half on the day of your wedding anniversary. Go out of your way and make this day the best day of the year as you present your lovely wife a diamond ring whose sparkle might blind the onlookers. You have options to choose from. Plenty of options if I might add, one better than the other, but to help you select one here are a few that we have finalized for you:

The 18k Gold 7 Stone Round Ruby & Brilliant Cut Diamond

Keep things simple as you have throughout your married life. Present your wife a simple 18k Gold 7 Stone Round Ruby & Diamond ring on the silver jubilee of your marriage.

Mark the 25years matrimony with a present that she going to remember for a lifetime. Don’t think too long, because, in all honesty, this item is a keeper’s item.

The 18k White Gold 3 Stone Octagonal Emerald & Brilliant Cut Diamond Ring

Is your wife a fan of all things bright and colorful, you must know that by now? If you don’t then the best shot would be to ring up a close friend and take their advice before venturing on this expedition. Since it is a big investment.

The 18k White Gold 7 Stone Octagonal Emerald & Brilliant Cut Diamond Ring is an easy choice out of all others because of its sheer elegance and panache. Grab it on the first go and impress your wife for all times to come!

The 18k White Gold Diamond Pastel Set Cluster Ring

If your wedding band is silver, then perhaps this ring is the best option you have amongst all other rings. Adding it to your wife’s collection will make the combination with the wedding band look 10x better.

Your beautiful is sure to get asked many questions after she would wear it to her kitty parties. Make the woman of your dreams proud!

A Sophisticated Pair of Diamond Studs

Still undecided about the present you want to give your wife? Here is one last option that we think checks all boxes for an elegant gift for your wife on the 25th anniversary. Diamond studs  – yes, they are equal parts luxurious and sophisticated suited for occasions ranging from weddings to corporate meetings. Let your wife glam up in her lustrous silk gown and then you can lovingly add your present to complete her look – and surprise her!

All the items showcased in this guide are handcrafted by skillful craftsmen in Ireland and are sold under the brand name My Diamond by David Blackman. You can access them all by either visiting their store in Dublin, or you can order your favorite pieces online here: . We hope that you find the piece that best suits your requirements and puts a smile on your face and the face of your better half. We hope you have an amazing day!


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