Recognised around the world as the Irish token of friendship, loyalty and love, Claddagh jewellery has endured unchanged for more than four hundred years.

Defined by its open hands cradling a heart in their grasp, with a crown above it, and with different meanings depending on which finger or hand it is worn, Claddagh jewellery continues to be the declaration of love and commitment for Irish people and her descendants, wherever in the world they may be.

Our Dublin city centre workshops are a far remove in time from the harsh world of the small fishing community just outside the walled city of Galway, whose name would be immortalised as one of the most distinctive items of Celtic jewellery, but it’s here where our skilled goldsmiths uphold the traditions of the Claddagh people, to create by hand a wide and extensive collection of beautiful Claddagh jewellery.

A simple yet emotive piece, the offered heart of any piece of Claddagh jewellery tells of the bond of a love, and we’ve used its symbolism to create a range of jewellery which includes bracelets, pennants, necklaces and of course the Claddagh ring.

The Claddagh ring collection is presented in white gold and yellow gold, plain or set with precious gemstones, as well as a choice of diamond engagement rings.

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Claddagh Jewellery

10k Gold Gladdagh Gents Ring