Spectacular coloured stone jewellery, hand made with passion in the heart of Dublin city.

Located just a few metres from the hustle and bustle of the world famous Grafton Street, David Blackman’s design studio and workshops are an oasis of concentration and patience. As part of our daily lives it’s impossible not to be inspired by the vibrant cosmopolitan cocktail of life and love which surrounds us, and throughout our stunning coloured stone jewellery we’ve captured that essence with a range that’s just as outgoing, contemporary and spirited.

We offer Ireland’s widest selection of in house manufactured luxury coloured stone jewellery, and there’s something for all tastes and occasions. Choose from our rings and earrings, from pendants to sparkling bracelets, bangles and spectacular necklace pieces, or for the ultimate in exclusivity we’ll even work with you to design your own unique pièce de résistance.

Whichever of these styles or forms you choose, there’s diversity and variety throughout our collections, and with sapphire, emerald or ruby stones complemented by a flourish of magnificent diamonds, each piece of our hand crafted coloured stone jewellery is a little luxury that will always be cherished.

In white gold, rose gold, yellow gold or platinum, each piece in the Mydiamond.ie coloured stone jewellery collection is hand made in our Dublin studios where our artisan jewellers capture the purest expression of love and timeless beauty in still life.

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